+ in 1 Philosophy


The fashion industry is notoriously one of the most polluting industries globally. While using eco-friendly materials and recycling are positive steps, they don’t address the core issue: the environmental damage caused by production processes. Each production cycle generates significant CO2 emissions, waste discharge, chemical usage, and high consumption of natural resources like water and electricity.

At DRiiBE, we understand the urgency of reducing production in our current climate crisis. That's why we’ve adopted the "+ in 1" philosophy, which is based on the idea that a single product fulfilling the functions of two or more items can effectively save at least one production cycle.

Understanding the Impact of "+ in 1"

Imagine your wardrobe. You likely own at least three pairs of pants and three pairs of shorts, each requiring a separate production cycle. However, if even one pair of pants were designed with a 2in1 functionality, you could save one production cycle and avoid purchasing an additional pair of shorts.

Consider your bags. You might have one backpack and two handbags, each requiring a separate production cycle. But what if your backpack could transform into a stylish handbag? This innovation would eliminate the need for one of those handbags, saving another production cycle.

You might wonder about the broader impact of these individual choices. If everyone in the US and Europe opted for "+ in 1" products, it could result in 778 million fewer shorts and bags being produced worldwide.

The Environmental Cost of Clothing Production

Producing a single pair of jeans requires 7,000 liters of water, while a t-shirt demands 2,700 liters. By choosing "+ in 1" pants, we could potentially save over 1 trillion liters of water and over 900,000 kg of CO2 emissions in the production of shorts alone.

When it comes to bags, producing a cowhide leather tote bag generates about 100.5 kg of CO2 emissions, and a PU synthetic leather tote bag produces 14.4 kg. Opting for a "+ in 1" bag could save between 10 to 78 billion kg of CO2 emissions in bag production.

DRiiBE's Commitment to "+ in 1" Innovation

At DRiiBE, the "+ in 1" philosophy is at the heart of our mission. We strive to develop products that combine the key features and functions of two or more items, continually pushing the boundaries of innovative design. Creating high-quality "+ in 1" products is challenging, but we embrace this challenge with enthusiasm and dedication.

We are proud to present our 2in1 DownUNDERS travel pants, our DAKOTA, the 3in1 fully convertible bag, and our latest innovation, HOLIDAY, the 4in1 convertible duffle crossbody bag. These products not only reduce the need for multiple production cycles but also provide our customers with unmatched convenience and functionality.

By choosing "+ in 1" products, you can significantly contribute to a more sustainable future. Next time you shop for clothing or accessories, consider making the switch to "+ in 1". Together, we can make a profound difference in the fight against climate change.

Choose sustainability. Choose a "+ in 1" product.