Have you ever thought about the true meaning of sustainability?
We have. And we have decided to make our products sustainable from start to finish.

We aim to produce products that you can use for a lifetime, so that you won’t have to throw them away to buy new ones. Our innovative solutions follow the “+ in 1” philosophy: more products in one, fewer items to buy for you and fewer polluting production cycles for the planet.

And of course, we take great care in the choice of materials  we use for our eco-friendly travel clothing and bags, preferring renewable or recycled ones and making them travel as little as possible.

We do not just believe in sustainability; we are a sustainable brand.


Why are DRiiBE products sustainable?

• We choose renewable or recycled materials with reliable certifications about their composition and their production processes.

• We focus on multifunctionality and design-forward "+ in 1" products. Less production = less pollution.

• We keep the supply chain as short as possible.

• We carefully check the quality of our products, so that you can use them for years.

Sustainability is not just a word or a nice label. It’s a way of thinking and of doing things. For DRiiBE, being sustainable from start to finish is the only way to go.