Being in solidarity with others is an integral part of DRiiBE.

That's why we allocate part of our profits to donations in favor of shelters for victims of domestic violence.

Shelters, along with websites providing useful information and hotlines, are indispensable tools for victims to escape from violence and regain control of their lives, and in some cases even save it.

In shelters, victims of domestic abuse find not only a safe home and psychological help, but also support on education, employment, immigration and accessing health and legal services.

These refugees are free, and must remain so. Many of them do not receive sufficient funding and need donations to buy food, clothes, personal hygiene items, sheets, towels, diapers, etc.

To support the shelters, for every product sold we allocate one euro to direct donations or to the purchase of products that the shelters need. (Learn more about the phenomenon and how donations are used in the article on our blog "DRiiBE for victims of domestic violence")

Knowing that our product can not only make you happy but also help improve, or even save someone else's life, fills us with immense joy and gives us the stimulus to do more and better!

To understand the extent of the phenomenon, we recommend that you also read the article "Domestic Violence in Numbers" which shows the statistics regarding the phenomenon in various countries around the world.