Shipping Information

We offer fast FREE SHIPPING on orders over:

EUR 400 - for orders with shipping to EU, Switzerland, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan;

EUR 500 - for orders with shipping to the rest of the world.

For orders under indicated amounts we will charge the following rates:

for EU and Switzerland - flat rate of EUR 9.90 with delivery times 1 - 6 days**;

for USA, Canada and UK - flat rate of EUR 15.90 with delivery times 5 - 10 days**;

for Australia and Japan - flat rate of EUR 23.90 with delivery times 7 – 15 days**;

for the rest of the world - flat rate of EUR 45.90 with delivery times 7 – 15 days**;

** It takes 1 - 3 business days for us to process your order for shipping.

** These are estimated delivery time. Actual delivery time may vary depending on many situation and on where you are located. Due to the unknowns involved with trans-border shipping we cannot guarantee exact delivery times. Customs can delay, refuse to process, or impose duties to international shipments at their discretion.


We ship worldwide from Germany, this means that on shipments within EUROPEAN UNION you won't have to pay any additional customs fees, taxes, or duties.

Customs fees, duties and / or taxes may apply to shipments outside the EU depending on the law of your country. These are not included in the above shipping costs.

However, many countries have a threshold, below which your import is not subject to any of those charges. For example:

UNITED STATES: For personal imports to the US below the USD 800 threshold, no additional customs fees, taxes, or duties apply.

AUSTRALIA: For personal imports to Australia below the AUD 1000 threshold, no additional customs fees, taxes, or duties apply.

For OTHER COUNTRIES we advise you to check the potential charges with your customs office. These calculators may be a good starting point, but we are not able to warrant their accuracy:

Customs duty calculator 1 (for shipments to Switzerland):
Enter the amount in CHF and select

Courier: Post, Country: Any, Product: Any.

Customs duty calculator 2 (for other countries):

Use the following HS codes for more accurate calculation:

Backpack CITYC Laptop - HS code: 420292

Women's pants DownUNDERS - HS code: 620462

Men's pants DownUNDERS - HS code: 620342

MULTI Shirt - HS code: 610910

Patch for MULTI shirt - HS code: 540822