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Why interchangeable patch?

We often get asked: Why change just one piece? I can change the shirt!
The answer is simple. Because it is not always possible to do this and it is less sustainable.

Imagine being around the city all day and taking photos at different sites. It would be nice to change the look for the various photos, but you can't change your shirt in the middle of the square and it's not even practical to carry 2-3 shirts!
But you can change the patch and take as many with you as you want, because one patch takes up less space than your smartphone!

Furthermore, changing the t-shirt only to adapt it to the rest of the outfit (therefore for aesthetic reasons), and not for hygienic reasons, implies the purchase of a large number of items with the consequent greater environmental impact.

MULTI shirt allows you to do it in a much friendlier way for the environment.

Designed for high breathability

Benefit two

The front chest portion of the shirt has been specifically designed to perform multiple functions.

This part is made up of two layers of cotton and a central opening.
The lower layer absorbs sweat and hinders its appearance on the surface.

The central opening allows for greater ventilation and breathability, allowing heat to escape the body and for you to stay cool.

Perfect for travel

Benefit three

The two layers of the chest area, combined with the patch, allow women to wear the t-shirt even without a bra in a discreet and comfortable way. During long journeys you will really appreciate this feature.

Friendly to your skin and the environment

Benefit three

MULTI shirt is made of cotton - a 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable and naturally hypoallergenic fabric.

Thanks to the fabric and functional design, MULTI shirt is the best choice for both your skin and the environment.

Versatile like no other

Benefit three

• You can change the patch.

• You can wear it without the patch on the beach or on particularly hot days.

• You can shorten it by combining its two zippers for an unconventional look.


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