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Need space? Expand the bottom!

Extra space? We know you don’t want to travel with a big bulky backpack on your shoulders. 

That’s why we’ve equipped CITYC with an expandable bottom: when you need extra space, you can have it. 

 A truly expandable travel backpack, what you need just in case.  

CITYC can hold your jacket too

Benefit two

Being around all day can be a challenge; the temperature changes and the weather, sometimes, as well. 

CITYC’s front flap can turn into a handy jacket holder: open the zippers and slide your jacket or pullover through it. This clever pocket can also store your documents, smartphone or tablet.  

Keep important things close at hand

Benefit three

A multifunctional backpack deserves its name when it makes life easier: CITYC does so by providing you with handy elastic pockets on both shoulder straps. 

You will no longer have the problem of not knowing where to put your sunglasses or the transportation card. 

Whether you are right or left-handed, there’s a handy pocket for you!

Bring your laptop with you, safely

Benefit three

Are you a digital nomad or do you just want to bring your laptop on holiday with you? In any case, keep it safe in CITYC’s padded laptop compartment.

Your laptop will travel in comfort and your back will surely thank you.  

Made to travel. Really!

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It’s the little details that make a big difference to a traveler: like the integrated luggage strap and the hidden pocket where you can safely store your money and your passport. 

These details make your journey easier and safer: secure your expandable travel backpack to your carry-on during transfers and stroll around the city in peace with your money stored in the hidden pocket.  

Ultimate comfort and a fashionable look

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We know you like to explore, but walking around all day with a weight on your shoulders can be exhausting. 

CITYC has a padded lumbar support and padded shoulder straps to make it easier for you to walk around with it; this city travel backpack has been designed to be ergonomic - as well as very stylish!  

Everything you might need. And more

Benefit three

You’ll be surprised at what this multifunctional backpack can hold. We designed it based on the experience of our travels. 

We experienced firsthand the frustration of not having enough space, so… CITYC has the extra space you need, just a zip away.

Elegant branded packaging

Benefit three

Our elegant branded packing bag makes CITYC the perfect gift for the travel-addicted in your life. Not only is it good to see, it’s also handy as an extra bag for your luggage. 

We believe in functionality, down to every little detail.