The World's Best Convertible Women's Travel Bag with 23 Features

The Product

DAKOTA is a high-end travel bag designed to fit your lifestyle. With its 23 features, luxury finishes, and the most innovative and environmentally friendly materials, such as water-based vegan leather and RPET fabrics, DAKOTA will quickly become your new travel essential.

The Benefits

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Benefit #1

Finally, you can travel with a truly elegant and feminine design bag tailored to a woman's specific travel needs.

Benefit #2

Save a lot of space in your suitcase. We know there is never enough room in your suitcase! When you travel with DAKOTA, you no longer have to pack bags in your suitcase. Instead, you can use that space to store more clothes or toiletries.

Benefit #3

Your bag comes with essential accessories that guarantee your comfort and well-being, especially during long journeys.

Benefit #4

Safeguard the environment and animal welfare. Producing only one product instead of three and using environmentally friendly materials such as RPET and DMF free water-based PU leather allows reducing the negative impact of production significantly.

Benefit #5

Make your wallet happy. Having DAKOTA is like having three bags - a handbag, a daypack, and a backpack. If you were to buy the three high-end bags separately, you would spend a lot more!

Key Features

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Common zippered pockets

When you switch from one version of DAKOTA to another, you don't even have to worry about emptying it: everything you put in your purse automatically ends up in your backpack. You have two of these common pockets: one on the outside - ideal for smartphones and documents and one on the inside for everything else.

Jacket holder

The backpack versions of DAKOTA are equipped with a large front compartment with side zippers for extra space to carry your jacket or sweater. You can also use this large pocket to keep a book or an airport security liquid bag handy.

Hidden elastic pocket with zipper closure

Inside the jacket holder there is a large zippered elastic pocket. This discreet extra space is perfect for storing your laptop or smartphone cabling and other small accessories separately.

Luggage belt with pocket

The travel bag DAKOTA is equipped with an elegant and discreet luggage belt to allow you to attach it to your suitcase, whether you are traveling with the handbag or the backpack version. The luggage belt comes with a discreet inner pocket to keep your business cards or subway ticket handy. You can take them out even without opening the bag!

Expandable bottom

During your trip, there will be times when you will need a larger bag. In those cases, DAKOTA has you covered. Unzip the bottom and get the extra space in a second!

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Detachable Weight Reducer

As comfortable as your backpack may be, if you carry a lot of weight on your shoulders for long periods of time, discomfort or pain in your shoulders, neck and back is bound to occur. The only way to counteract these drawbacks is to distribute the weight of your backpack across your shoulders and other parts of your body, such as your chest or waist. And that's exactly what our detachable weight reducer does. By bringing the shoulder straps closer and coming the weight closer to the spine, you get a more balanced weight distribution and optimal posture alignment.

This simple accessory helps you:
1. reduce the weight on your shoulders;
2. maintain correct posture;
3. stabilise the backpack in relation to the body;
4. have more freedom of movement;
5. prevent pain in the shoulders, neck and back.

The detachable weight reducer is not an optional accessory to be purchased separately. We have included it as an integral part of the bag because your health and well-being are not optional for us, they are our priority.

High strength-to-weight ratio shoulder strap pads

Detachable shoulder strap pads with a high strength-to weight ratio are an indispensable accessory to safeguard the well-being of your shoulders when you have to travel with a heavy bag.
Thanks to their particular internal structure, our shoulder strap pads are semi rigid on the outside to ensure high shock absorbency and uniform weight distribution and soft on the inside to provide maximum comfort to your shoulders. Their elegant design with vegan leather finishes perfectly matches all versions of the DAKOTA bag.
The shoulder strap pads are equipped with a waterproof pouch with a hook that can be attached to the bag and allows you to always carry this accessory, even without taking up space inside the bag.
We have included this accessory as an integral part of the bag because it helps improve your well-being.

Rain cover

The rain cover effectively protects your bag from water and dirt. Specially designed for DAKOTA, this rain cover perfectly fits both the compact and extended versions of the backpack and allows you to access the inside of the bag even without removing the rain cover completely.
The reflective logo helps make you more visible in low visibility conditions, increasing your safety on the road.

The rain cover comes with its waterproof bag with a hook that can be attached to the bag and allows you to always carry this accessory with you, even without taking up space in your bag.

Chain handle

You can give your handbag an even more glamorous look by adding the chain handle instead of the leather one.
You can also use the chain as an elegant and practical keychain. Use it to attach your keys to your bag to find them in no time.
This accessory comes with an elegant vegan leather case combined with the bag.

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