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Adjustable length

DRiiBE cargo pants, with its special 4-lace design, allow you to significantly shorten their length within seconds.
At the same time, the placement of the laces has been designed to keep the possibility to shorten the pants also through the turn-ups.
In other words, if you have DownUNDERS it is as if you have two pairs of pants: one long and one short! it's convenient for you and it's much more sustainable for the environment!

5 deep pockets

Benefit two

Like any cargo pants, DownUNDERS are equipped with five large and deep, but discreet and unshowy pockets to allow you to keep everything you need on hand when you are on the go.

Made of windbreak cotton

Benefit three

DownUNDERS are made of midweight windbreak cotton to ensure correct breathability, optimal thermoregulation both in summer and winter and resistance to the formation of bad odors.
The addition of a small percentage of elastane prevents the pants from wrinkling and allows greater comfort and freedom of movement.

The best choice for traveling

Benefit three

The set of features such as adjustable length, lots of deep pockets and natural fabric make these cargo pants highly versatile, comfortable and able to perfectly adapt to any change of weather and place.
Exactly what you would expect from a real travel pant!

Elegant branded packaging

Benefit three

Like all of DRiiBE products, DownUNDERS will come to you in our exclusive and elegant packing bag, which is perfect for a gift and will come in handy for organizing your stuff during travel.


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